Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Glitter Thigh Highs by Vacari

Fairly new to Flirtyordirty.com is the brand Vacari. TX9001 is the code for this gorgeous set of thigh highs in a glittery shimmering fishnet black. A flirty take on regular fishnets and ideal for nights out for that extra va va voom! Thigh highs are slightly different to hold ups in that they work by using the elasticity of the welt and not silicone or rubber strips. Some people prefer this style as there is not risk of silicone or rubber induced reactions, plus there isnt the rolling affect often associated with lower priced hold-ups. Vacari thigh-his come in one size and a great range of saucy styles.

Very well made and extremely well priced! £9.95 a pair only from Flirtyodirty.com

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